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3B Yazıcı Kayış Kasnaklı Step Motor

3B Yazıcı Kayış Kasnaklı Step Motor

Ürün Kodu:MOT-0098
Stok Durumu:1
Fiyatı: 238TL
Miktar:     ya da   A.Listeme Ekle Ürün Karşılaştır
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A stepper motor with timing pulley, type name "17PM-K446-04VS". This motor has 1.8" stepping angle. And its rated voltage is only 4.6V, which could be used in the low-voltage environment. The static torque could arrive 3.92kg.cm. It has been enough for the most popular application. Wtih a timing pulley, you could connect a belt on the roller. Especially when you are going to play with a 3D printer. That will be a good choice. 


  • Model No: 17PM-K446-04VS
  • Rated Voltage: 4.6V
  • Dimension: 42*42*48 mm (1.65*1.65*1.89")
  • Step Angle (degrees) :1.8
  • Rated Current : 1.1A@4.6V 
  • Winding resistance: 4.2 Ω
  • Winding inductance: 5.2 mH
  • Holding Torque : 3.92kg*cm
  • Insulation Class: B
  • Dimension: 42x42x40mm (1.65x1.65x1.57")
  • Mounting: 4 x M3
  • Mass:350g 
  • Step Angle Accuracy : ±5% (full step, no load) 
  • Resistance Accuracy:  ±10% 
  • Inductance Accuracy:  ±20% 
  • emperature Rise:  80°C Max.(rated current,2 phase on) 
  • Ambient Temperature:  -20°C~+50°C

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