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Peltier Plaka 40x40mm

Peltier Plaka 40x40mm

Ürün Kodu:Peltier Plaka 40x40mm
Stok Durumu:1
Fiyatı: 162TL
Miktar:     ya da   A.Listeme Ekle Ürün Karşılaştır
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Peltire Plate, also semiconductor cooler, is a heat sink device taking advantage of the Peltier effect. It’s solid, reliable, noise free and vibration free, suitable for applications that have limits on space, noise and vibration. 
Typical applications for Peltier plate are cooling systems for heating parts, like LED and chips. But they are also widely used in portable cooling device, like ice box.
  • Cooling speed is controllable via adjusting the operating electricity
  • Noise free, vibration free, friction free, reliable performance
  • Tiny size and light weight
  • No cooling liquid, environmental friendly
  • Can be used as heating device by changing the direction of electricity
  • V-Max(VDC): 15.40
  • I-Max(A): 5.00
  • Q-Max(W): 46.50
  • DT-Max(ºC): 67.00
  • Rac(Ohm): 2.51
  • Operation/storagetemperature: -40.00℃ to +80.00℃
  • Ceramicmateria Alumina: (Al2O3,white96%)
  • Internalsolder: 125.00℃
Part List:
1 x Peltier Plate

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